Reducing the Risk of Another Heart Attack

ZMany people survive heart attacks that reduced how well their heart pumps, and return to leading normal lives—with some help. Taking COREG CR can ease the strain on your heart and make it stronger. It is a once-a-day beta-blocker proven to increase survival and help prevent another heart attack. Your doctor may also ask you to take more than one medication and make changes to your lifestyle to help prevent another heart attack.


To prevent another heart attack and ease the strain on your heart, you may be prescribed COREG CR. You may also be given other drugs, such as:

  • Aspirin or another drug that prevents blood clots
  • ACE inhibitors

Be sure to ask your doctor for more information about what each medication can do to help your heart health and how they will interact with COREG CR.

In addition to taking medication, you should also make changes in your diet and exercise habits to do everything possible to improve your heart health.

Lifestyle Changes

Along with taking medication, you should make lifestyle changes to improve your heart health. Your doctor may ask you to:

  • Improve your diet 
  • Get more exercise
  • Quit smoking, if you smoke

See “Taking Care of Your Heart” for more detailed information.