COREG CR® For Your Patients

Commercial Insurance


  1. Find the NPI #: NPI 1427160357 in your e-prescribing system
  2. Select ProCare Pharmacy Care as the Specialty Pharmacy*
    • 2650 SW 145th Ave, Miramar, FL 33027-6606
    • *If the specialty pharmacy does not appear, please contact your e-prescribing provider to update your system
  3. Save the Specialty Pharmacy in Your System
  4. Transfer the Prescription

Copay Card Information

Commercially insured patients may pay as little as $5 for their prescription.

    Provide your email to receive Copay Card information by email. where you'll receive your savings card information

    Medicare / Government Insurance OR No Insurance

    Medicare / government insured patients and patients without insurance may qualify to get their prescription at a lower cost.

    To get started, call the Waylis Patient Access and Affordability Program at: (888) 218-8897 or fill out this referral form and fax to (844) 470-1931