Your doctor may suggest an exercise plan to help treat your condition. Together with medication and changes in your diet, exercise can help your heart. Taking COREG CR as prescribed by your doctor can help you manage your heart condition. Read more to learn how you can live your life the way you always said you would–making the healthiest changes possible. 

You can also boost your confidence and your mood. So why not start today?

Getting Started 

  • Talk to your doctor first. Ask about exercises that are right for you and your medical condition. People with heart problems need to be careful about what kind of exercise they do.
  • Try to vary your routine. Swimming, walking, dancing, jogging, and other types of aerobic activity are all good for your heart. 
  • Set goals you can achieve. One way to keep track of your progress is to keep a diary of your exercise routines. Be sure to note how you’re feeling during each session. Bring the diary when you see your doctor.